Chapter History

It started in the spring of 1996, with 15 inspired students from the University of Oregon. After getting approved as a colony by Nationals, the founding fathers of Upsilon Omega were initiated at the Oregon Hillel house: Daniel Vergamini , Chris Kantrowitz , Michael Mechanick , Aaron Epstein , Judah Kelber, Larry Thompson , Marcus Berger , Joel Groman , Adam Simpson , Andrew Horowitz , Vincenzo Pinto , Reid Watts, Dylan Byrns , Jeff Axman  and Aaron Bergerson.
In May 2001, the AEPi Supreme Board of Governors voted for the Upsilon Omega Colony to receive its official charter. May 19th, 2001 was the date we officially become a chartered member of Alpha Epsilon Pi, the first one in Oregon, and second in the Pacific Northwest.

For two years starting in 2008, the brothers lived in the house on 11th and Hilyard, our second big house, which contained a major number of our brothers. We are improving our brotherhood, our reputation and our organization. Starting in 2010 the brothers are moved back to the house on 15th and Alder after it underwent significant renovation to maintain the high standards that we have for our brotherhood. After 15 years at Oregon, the Upsilon Omega Chapter is becoming a powerhouse on campus, and still a hub for every Jewish student out there to feel at home, among brothers.